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E2Ops is a complex system, designed to deal with the multiple areas of flight operations right from Pre-Flight Briefing and Crew Rostering to Disruption Management. The system allows the Airlines & Non-Scheduled operators to easily track movement of aircraft and make well informed decisions to tackle new situations as and when they arise


  • Flight Planning

  • Load & Trim

  • Fuel Calculations

  • Live Weather Reports

  • Wind Charts

  • NOTAMs

  • Runway Analysis

  • Route Optimization

  • Flight Plan Filing

  • Accident & Incident Filing

  • MEL/ MMELs

  • Dispatch

  • Flight Duty Time Limitations Monitoring

  • Crew License & Training Management

  • Violations Reports

  • Crew Portal

  • Safety Management System

  • Electronic Flight Bag

  • Quality Assurance & Audits

  • Crew Roster & Dispatch Reports

  • Delay Reports

  • FDTL Report

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