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EMQIM makes its foray into Western Europe with Denim

ENGRAV Systems is extremely happy to announce that Denim, a major A.C.M.I. & Aircraft Charter Operator based in the Netherlands has signed up with ENGRAV Systems for our CAMO & Aircraft Maintenance Software services. Equipped with EMQIM System, Denim will be able to independently manage all EASA Part-M functions in-house.

This solidifies ENGRAVs position in the Aviation-IT industry as one of the most popular & fastest growing CAMO/Aircraft Maintenance & Logistics Management Software providers for any Airline, MRO & CAM Organization around the globe looking for an end to end solution to increase efficiency and lower operational cost.

ENGRAV is the OEM of EMQIM, our Aircraft Maintenance & Logistics Management software solution. EMQIM is used to manage all functions of Aircraft Engineering & Maintenance, Continuing Airworthiness, Safety & Quality, Reliability, Tech Records & Documentation, Crew Schedule, Training & License Management and Logistics, Stores & Component Management. We fully assure you that EMQIM meets the complete MRO and CAMO i.e. Engineering, Maintenance, Quality & Reliability and Logistics Requirements of any aircraft operator irrespective of the type of fleet in question– at a fraction of the cost of any similar software.

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