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Upcoming Schedule Airline Zoom Air signs up with ENGRAV

Upcoming scheduled airline Zoom Air (Zexus Air Services Pvt. Ltd.) has signed up with ENGRAV Systems for using EMQIM - CAMO & Logistics Management system and E2Ops - Fight Operations Management system. Headquartered in Gurgaon, Indian and operating out of Delhi’s IGI International airport, Zoom Air will be operating with a fleet of Bombardier CRJ 200LRs hubbing over New Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad & Mumbai, and connecting cities like Durgapur, Aizawl, Aurangabad, Chandigarh, Dharamshala, Dimapur, Durgapur, , Kullu, Jorhat, , Lucknow, Ranchi, Mumbai, Srinagar and Shillong as part of the Phase -1 of expansion.

ENGRAV will be supporting Zoom Air in managing functions related to Aircraft Engineering & Maintenance, Continuing Airworthiness, Quality Assurance & Audits, Reliability & Flight Safety, Technical Crew management, Tech Records, Log Books, Inventory, Stores, Purchase and Procurement. Zoom Air will also be using the E2 Ops system to monitor and manage the Flying Crews FDTL and rostering requirements.

Established in 2009 and based out of Bangalore (India), ENGRAV Systems provides various software solutions to manage all functions related to Aircraft Engineering & Maintenance, Continuing Airworthiness, Quality Assurance, Reliability & Flight Safety, Training-License & Certification management, Document management & Tech Records, Aviation Logistics & Procurement. ENGRAV also provided E2 Ops, our Flight Ops management software for managing the Crew FDTL, License-Training, Pre-flight planning and Load & Trim management.

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