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Aircraft Maintenance Management

The Engineering Management functions covered in EMQIM system are built on strong foundation of aircraft & component configuration. This module will help the Engineering management to monitor and manage maintenance program requirements, including the compliance with scheduled maintenance tasks, applicable Airworthiness Directives, Service Bulletins, Engineering orders, Hard Time component replacements, Operator tasks, Structural Repair Repeat inspections and any other directives issued by the National Aviation Authority.


One of the uniqueness of our system is its capability to monitor maintenance tasks with multiple thresholds and intervals in an intelligent manner. ADs and SBs can be recorded, tracked & monitored for each Aircraft & Engine as per their effectivity and initial & repetitive requirements.


The component hierarchy of each aircraft and traceability of each component fitted is well established. Creation, scheduling and execution of work orders and work package to meet the above maintenance requirements and the associated task card management are also covered by the system.


Continuing Airworthiness Management

EMQIM System has been built on a strong foundation of aviation professionals, experienced in Continuing Airworthiness Management as defined by various Civil Aviation Authorities from across the globe. The system easily meets the CAM requirements specified by EASA, FAA, GCAA, DGCA to name a few.


ENGRAVs vast experience working with Airlines, MROs & CAM Organizations from around the world in managing their various Airworthiness related activities from regulatory compliance and quality assurance to flight safety & reliability has made EMQIM software a very useful tool. Multiple modules within EMQIM support the the regulatory requirements of various Civil Aviation governing bodies. The systems easy reports generation capability along with the option to provide the required auditing access to various departments involved in ensuring Continuing Airworthiness compliance is also a very valuable asset. 




Flight Operations and FDTL Software

ENGRAVs software system streamlines your flight operations, no matter how demanding or complex.


Our system brings you exceptional speed, wide ranging capabilities and ease of use. It gathers all the information you require, assimilating them in one place – with all the requisite cross-linking & interlinking with the engineering, maintenance & logistics management modules – thereby saving you time and effort while providing you with consistency of data.


By having all operational information in one place, up-to-date, and accessible by all people across different departments, you can easily streamline operations, thereby eliminating paperwork and saving money.


Aviation Logistics Management

In addition to many other aspects, airworthiness of an aircraft depends also on the Quality & Airworthiness standards of the components & materials used. Shelf life monitoring, calibration due monitoring, Modification standard requirements, Component Lifing policy etc. and its overbearing effect on airworthiness of the aircraft makes the provisioning decisions, stocking and inventory control of Aircraft assemblies, components & material a highly specialized function.


Aviation Logistics Management functions like material planning, procurement, loan management, Rotable repair & tracking, Inventory receipts, store inspection, stores management, Handling & Storage of Dangerous Goods & ESD items, Inventory dispatch, vendor management, sales etc. are extensively covered in our Inventory management solution.


Our software solution will help you manage the Logistics functions with minimum Inventory Carrying Cost and through intelligent material planning as per the realistic consumption pattern.

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